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    Physical Rehab Blog

    Intense inpatient rehab offers patients maximal gains Helen Hayes Hospital’s state of the art and highly acclaimed orthopedic rehabilitation unit offers an innovative and intensive therapy program, specially designed for patients who have recently had hip or knee replacement surgery. Our team strongly encourages patients to actively participate in all aspects of their physical and […]

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    Posted On: February 6, 2015

    perturbation training may help prevent falls Interesting research is being performed on the science behind falls and how to prevent them. We learn in childhood how to resist falls by actually experiencing a fall. There is a thought that one could possibly “inoculate” against a future fall by performing perturbation training. Perturbation training is the […]

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    Posted On: February 2, 2015

    Meeting the needs of patients and their referring clinicians Just recently, we announced the appointment of Mindy Tallis, RN, BSN to the position of Director of Utilization Management at Helen Hayes Hospital. A dedicated member of the HHH staff for over 20 years, Mindy’s new role will have her overseeing the hospital’s Admissions and Case […]

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    Posted On: January 26, 2015
    Posted On: January 16, 2015

    Up until this year, Medicare and Medicaid only covered a patient for participation in cardiac rehab if they had diagnoses of: • Heart attack within the preceding 12 months • Coronary artery bypasses surgery within the preceding 6 months • Current stable angina pectoris (chest pain caused by clogged coronary arteries) with a positive stress […]

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    Posted On: December 29, 2014
    Posted On: December 15, 2014

    I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and highlight a particular program that we have here at Helen Hayes Hospital that is very close to my heart. My name is Shana McGann and I am a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (ACBIS) and the Lead Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) for all inpatient programs here at […]

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    Posted On: November 25, 2014

    Key points to consider when making your selection between traditional Medicare & Managed Medicare plans – and just how does inpatient rehab fit in? Ah, fall is in the air. Brisk temperatures, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and every other television commercial touting the benefits of Managed Medicare. It is open season – that time […]

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    Posted On: November 10, 2014

    Thanks to all for a very successful 2014 Classic Race Helen Hayes Hospital would like to thank the hundreds of racers and race supporters who joined us on October 5th and made the 2015 Helen Hayes Hospital Classic Race and Fun Run an incredible success. The Herculean efforts of so many people not only made […]

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    Posted On: November 4, 2014
    Posted On: October 30, 2014