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Orthopedic Physical Therapist Biographies
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Orthopedic Physical Therapist Biographies

Daniel Bodkin

Dan-BodkinClinical Interest(s): Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Manual Therapy
Specialty Certification(s): Active Release Technique (ART) trained
Physical Therapy School: SUNY Buffalo
Graduate Degree: Currently attaining DPT through University of Saint Augustine
Professional License: Physical Therapy

Jeni DeStefano

Jeni-Di-StefanoPhysical Therapy Assistant

Beth Duggan

Beth-DugganClinical Interest(s): Orthopedics
Specialty Certification(s): Orthopedic Certified Specialist
Physical Therapy School: Columbia University
Graduate Degree: M.S.
Certification(s): Physical Therapy
Professional License: Physical Therapy

Michael A.Gallucci

Michael-GallucciClinical Interest(s): Orthopedics, Exercise Physiology
Specialty Certification(s): Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults 
Physical Therapy School: New York University
Graduate Degrees: MS in Cell Biology, Ed D in Applied Physiology
Professional License: Physical Therapy

Janice Groth

Janice-GrothPhysical Therapy Assistant

Marla Mayrowetz

Marla-MayrowetzClinical Interest(s): Vestibular Rehab
Specialty Certification(s): Physical Therapy School: Quinnipiac University
Graduate Degree:
Professional License: Physical Therapy

Payal Sahni

Payal-SahniClinical Interest(s): Orthopedic Rehabilitation, TMJ, Strength Training.
Specialty Certification(s): Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy, G.D Maitland’s Certification in Joint Mobilization.
Physical Therapy School: Srinivas College of Physical Therapy
Graduate Degrees: MPT, DPT
Professional License: Physical Therapy

Nino Schiano

Giuseppe-SchianoClinical Interest(s): Orthopedics
Physical Therapy School: Sacred Heart University
Graduate Degree: MSPT, DPT
Professional License: Physical Therapy