Helen Hayes Hospital
Route 9W, West Haverstraw
NY 10993
Speech therapist teaching a patient to use voice recognition technology at Helen Hayes Hospital
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CRT – Arnold Goldman Center for Assistive Technology

Speech Language Pathologist evaluating and training a Cerebral Palsy patient at Helen Hayes HospitalThe Helen Hayes Hospital Center for Rehabilitation Technology (CRT), a pioneer in the field of assistive and adaptive technology, is home to the Arnold Goldman Center for Assistive Technology. This facility offers a spacious, centralized location exhibiting the latest in augmentative communication, seating and wheeled mobility, computer access and environmental aids for daily living.

The Arnold Goldman Center for Assistive Technology serves multiple purposes, acting as an evaluation and demonstration site, as a therapeutic area for clinicians and patients, and also as a training and educational venue for healthcare professionals. Having all of this assistive technology in one spot, along with the specialized expertise of the CRT staff, the initiative is a valuable asset to the rehabilitation and disability communities.

Visitors to the Center have direct access to state-of-the-art technology that helps individuals with disabilities to lead more independent lives. On display are the latest power-driven and manual wheelchairs, specialty wheelchair cushions and augmentative communication devices such as eyegaze systems, to a range of computer access tools and environmental control aids. Patients and visitors are able to see the options available and have actual hand-on experience trying various devices out.

Being able to actually trial a product is extremely useful. As individuals with disabilities often have very unique or multiple needs, they can see if something will work for them before they go through the effort and expense of acquiring a device that may not ultimately meet their expectations.

The Center is also open to case managers, therapists, schools, vocational counselors and others who work directly with individuals with disabilities. Tours of the facility can be scheduled. This initiative has been made possible through the generosity of former patient and benefactor Arnold Goldman.