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BalanceWear BW300 Device

Small-Balance-Wear-Vest-smThe BalanceWear ® BW300 is a custom fitted vest with strategically placed light weights to accommodate for balance impairments. At Helen Hayes Hospital a skilled therapist trained in the BalanceWear vest will be able to perform a comprehensive balance assessment and determine appropriateness for therapy. As part of the therapeutic intervention, patients would utilize the vest during therapy and work towards achieving a personal vest for home use, pending benefits of use.

The BalanceWear vest is crafted to hold a number of strategically placed light weights on its interior shell based on the individuals postural and balance needs. The goal of the vest is to correct for multi-directional balance deficits and aide in improved mobility.

Individuals with a varied number of conditions can benefit from wearing the BalanceWear vest, including those with balance and mobility loss due to Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury, osteoporosis, ataxia, cerebral palsy, dizziness and advanced age.