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Bertec Balance Advantage CDP

Bertec balance therapyTo maintain balance, our brains must make sense of complex interactions between our visual, sensory and vestibular systems. When one of more of these systems become impaired due to disease, injury or aging, our ability to maintain balance also becomes impaired, resulting in a higher risk of falls.

At Helen Hayes Hospital, the Bertec Balance Advantage ™ is employed as a highly-effective method to assess and treat balance deficits in individuals affected by dizziness, vertigo, vestibular disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, neuro-degenerative diseases, lower limb amputation and more.

Offering the latest technology in Computerized Dynamic Posturography, the Bertec Balance Advantage utilizes an immersive virtual reality screen, a safety harness, and dual force balance plate to objectively quantify and differentiate among a variety factors influencing an individual’s static and dynamic balance. Under the supervision of a certified therapist, the individual can then safely work on the Bertec Balance Advantage to reach his or her balance goals, tracking their progress along the way.