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Patient using Bioness to stack cups The NESS H200 ™ is an addition to the many treatment modalities utilized by occupational therapists at Helen Hayes Hospital. A neuroprosthetic and rehabilitation system distributed by Bioness, Inc., the NESS H200 facilitates improved motor control and function for individuals with stroke, acquired brain or spinal cord injury or other disorders of the central nervous system resulting in impairments of the arm or hand. When there is little or no movement in a hand, this device can give survivors hope and potentially more function.

The device is a portable, custom-fit wrist/hand orthosis (splint). It is noninvasive and functions utilizing a microprocessor that activates the muscles of the forearm and hand. The H200 can be used in two different ways: as a therapeutic modality to assist in improving the motor recovery of a weak or paralyzed hand, or as a functional tool for performing activities of daily living. It can also provide other benefits, such as increased range of motion, reduced stiffness, increased local blood circulation, improved awareness of the limb, reduced spasticity and muscle re-education.

Use and training are initiated during either inpatient or outpatient therapy by certified occupational therapists. Ultimately, the goal is for patients to use the device in a therapy-directed home program. Progress will be monitored at regular intervals and the program will be revised to maximize continuing progress. A typical outpatient program would be 12-16 sessions with periodic follow-ups.
Patients may continue to use the H200 as long as they are showing improvements in function and those with chronic disabilities may use the device for the rest of their lives to manage or minimize their impairments.