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Dr. Guarracini treating a multi trauma patient at Helen Hayes Hospital
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Multi-Trauma Rehabilitation

Physical Therapist treating a Multi Trauma patient at Helen Hayes Hospital

A Personal Approach to Multi-­Trauma Rehabilitation

At Helen Hayes Hospital, patients who have experienced multiple trauma benefit from a full range of rehabilitative services dedicated to enabling them to resume active, independent lives. Our philosophy is to let the patient be our guide, helping our skilled specialists design an individualized treatment plan to meet the patient’s specific needs and goals. Due to the type of injury and trauma, every patient has a unique set of personal circumstances. The life led prior to injury, the nature of the trauma and its resulting effects all play a part in defining the patient’s rehabilitative needs. Our goal is to enable the patient to resume the greatest level of functioning. Each patient is cared for by an interdisciplinary treatment team under the direction of physicians specializing in rehabilitation medicine, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. Working collaboratively towards the patient’s goals, the team consists of rehabilitation nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, case managers, dieticians and other committed professionals. The team encourages a patient’s family to participate in the rehabilitation process through frequent visits and patient/family conferences. The team will also assist with the coordination of all follow­up appointments needed for the patient’s recovery via ongoing communication with and transport to referring hospitals, surgeons, and other providers.

Multi­-Trauma Rehabilitation Program Admissions

There are many situations that bring patients to Helen Hayes Hospital to recover from multiple­ trauma. Typically, patients sustain multi-­trauma in a single accident, such as a motor vehicle accident, fall, sports-related injury or assault, resulting in temporary or long­-term disability. In addition, patients can be admitted for rehabilitation if they have become extremely debilitated following a long illness, or as the result of prolonged hospitalizations or complications following surgery. Having multiple injuries can stretch out the recovery process as each injury must be successfully managed to avoid further complications, infections, and loss of mobility. Helen Hayes Hospital’s ability to integrate a range of rehabilitation resources is key to successful multiple trauma management.

Customized Multi­-Trauma Treatment Plan

Following a thorough evaluation, the treatment plan will be customized to meet a patient’s individual needs and goals. The treatment team is committed to restoring maximum functioning in the shortest period of time. Patients benefit from a full spectrum of services, along with access to highly specialized care and state­-of-­theart equipment and technology, including:

  • Rehabilitation Nursing and 24/7 On­site Physician Care
  • Medical Consultation Services including Cardiology, Pulmonology, Urology, Pain Management, Orthopedics, Neurology
  • Physical Therapy to restore mobility, strength, and endurance
  • Occupational Therapy to restore activities of daily living
  • Speech Language Therapy to regain communication and swallowing function
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Wound/Burn Care
  • Pain Management
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • State­-of-­the-­Art Therapeutic Equipment including FES, Body Weight Supported Gait Training, BionessR, SaeboFlexTM, Vibration Therapy
  • Prosthetics/Orthotics
  • Psychiatry and Psychology Services
  • Recreational Rherapy/Adapted Sports
  • Nutrition Education
  • Complementary Medicine including Meditation and Massage
  • Medication Evaluation & Optimization
  • Patient/Family Education
  • Individualized Home Exercise Program
  • Case Management & Discharge Planning, including ordering of mobility and adaptive devices

Follow­up Care

Following inpatient rehabilitation, patients may benefit from HHH’s full continuum of care, including:

Helen Hayes Hospital is JCAHO and CARF Accredited.

For more information, please contact the Helen Hayes Admission Referral Center: 1-888-70-REHAB ext. 4535 845-786-4535 To schedule a guided tour, call 845-786-4118