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Choosing a Rehab Provider

A Checklist for Patients & Families

Choosing the right rehabilitation provider is a crucial step in recovery—and a process that we understand can feel quite overwhelming for patients and families.  To provide top-of-the-line care, we believe a rehabilitation provider must provide highly specialized services, innovative therapy modalities, measurable outcomes, regular opportunities for patient and caregiver participation, and so much more.

But how do you determine if a prospective rehab provider is right for you?

The following list of questions can help you evaluate the best possible physical rehabilitation settings for you or your loved ones. All of these services and more are available at Helen Hayes Hospital.

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    • Does the hospital offer advanced therapies and techniques and leading-edge technologies in a rehabilitation center?
    • Is care provided by an interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals under the direction of a physician who specializes in physical rehabilitation and medicine or neurology?
    • Is the medical staff available around the clock to manage your complex medical needs and monitor your progress?
    • Do specialized rehabilitation nurses manage your daily care?
    • Do experienced physical, occupational, and speech therapists tailor a comprehensive treatment plan to your specific needs and provide therapy for a minimum of three hours a day, five or six days a week?
    • Are psychology and neuropsychology services available to help you cope with the many challenges you may face?
    • Will you and your family meet regularly with the rehabilitation team to discuss goals, progress, and discharge plans?
    • Does the hospital provide a continuum of inpatient through outpatient care, including a range of specialty services, such as prosthetics and orthotics, and access to community resources?
    • Are patient and family education programs, training, and support groups available?
    • Does the hospital offer state-of-the-art equipment in a dynamic rehabilitation environment?
    • Does the hospital measure patient outcomes and satisfaction and do they make this information available?
    • Is the hospital accredited by an independent, nationally recognized organization, such as The Joint Commission?