The Power of Rehabilitation

Helen Hayes Hospital, where hope has a home

As a leader in the field of physical rehabilitation for over a century, our commitment to our patients remains constant: to provide the innovative and compassionate care patients need to achieve their highest level of independence and resume active, fulfilling lives following catastrophic injuries or disabling illnesses.

At Helen Hayes Hospital, patients gain access to a comprehensive array of services available only at one of the nation’s premier physical rehab hospitals. Our patients thrive under the care and expertise of a dedicated hospital team that treats them with compassion, dignity, and the highest level of excellence through all stages of recovery.

Read more about our inpatient, outpatient, and specialty services and learn why patients and doctors have chosen the power of rehabilitation at Helen Hayes Hospital since 1900.

"From the minute I arrived, I was treated with the utmost empathy, kindness, and respect."

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Winter Weather Tips

As cold weather continues, it’s important to brush up on winter weather preparedness to keep you and your loved ones safe this season. Here are some tips from the HHH staff on how to avoid injuries as well as how to prevent hypothermia or frostbite. Hypothermia: Hypothermia is a potentially life-threatening drop in body temperature. Elderly people, individuals with disabilities, and children are more susceptible to hypothermia as their bodies are not as efficient at regulating body temperature. Prevent hypothermia by keeping warm and dry with multiple clothing layers and blankets, and by being aware of the signs and symptoms of hypothermia, such as shivering, stumbling, confusion, irregular heartbeat, and pale ...