Patient participating in aquatic therapy with aquatic therapist

Aquatic Therapy

at HHH's On-Site Warm Water Aquatic Facility

*Aquatic therapy services are currently on hiatus.

Aquatic Therapy is offered in our beautiful warm water aquatic facility. Both therapeutic and recreational opportunities are available to patients and all community members. Individuals may participate in aquatic therapy, independent exercise, or group water exercise programs led by a certified instructor. Warm water exercise is beneficial for individuals with orthopedic conditions, spinal cord injury, joint replacements, low back pain, osteoporosis, fractures, stroke, shoulder injuries, and arthritis. Everyone can benefit from aquatic exercise.

The 25 X 60 foot pool, heated to 90-94 degrees, offers a flat floor divided into depths ranging from two and a half feet to five feet, enabling individuals of varying heights to exercise comfortably. It has lifts that attach directly to specially designed chairs and stretchers, providing access to individuals of all abilities. Ambulatory participants may access the pool from stairways fitted with handrails. Physical, occupational, and recreational therapists offer therapy and exercise options in the pool. A lifeguard is always on duty.

By exercising in the therapeutic pool, participants are often able to control body movements in ways that are not possible on land. Aquatic therapy and exercise can reduce pain and discomfort while increasing physical function. In addition, warm water immersion can:

  • support body weight and lessen the effects of gravity
  • provide buoyancy and reduce weight-bearing stress on joints
  • promote deep breathing
  • promote cardiovascular and muscular endurance
  • increase circulation, flexibility & balance
  • promote healing
  • encourage relaxation

For information on Aquatic Therapy at our hospital in West Haverstraw, NY, call 845-786-4194 or 1-888-70-REHAB, ext. 4194. Click here for our Aquatic Therapy brochure.

Community Pool Program

A number of group exercises programs are offered which are designed to help individuals of all abilities. The benefits include an improved quality of life for each participant.

The Adapted Fitness Aquatic Program helps people maintain and/or improve their muscular joint mobility through warm water immersion exercises. Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists or a certified Aquatic Program instructor leads the groups.

Ai Chi helps people to increase self-reliance and to control his/her health through their mind, body and spirit. Ai Chi uses gentle movements designed to improve balance and posture, and offers relaxation on both land and in water.

The Community Pool Program also offers independent exercise, one-to-one exercise instruction, floating meditation, and the Back Class led by a BackHab certified recreational therapist for individuals with chronic back pain.

For information about the Community Pool Program and adapted aquatic exercise offerings, contact Aquatics Director Alyssa Chagares at 845-786-4457. Click here for our Community Pool Program brochure.

"You gave me the help I needed to recover and rebuild my confidence in myself to handle the challenges I’m about to embark on for the rest of my life." 

For more information, please contact
Helen Hayes Hospital Outpatient Admissions: 

1-888-70-REHAB ext. 4194