Adapted Sports Program Scheduled

The Helen Hayes Hospital Adapted Sports & Recreation Program announces its schedule of upcoming activities and events. All programs are specially adapted to accommodate the varying needs of individuals with physical disabilities.

From water sports and gardening to cycling and softball, a range of activities is being offered. Prior experience is not required and participants will receive instruction from trained and certified instructors and therapists, who take into account individual needs and abilities. Adaptive equipment is available and used as necessary for all activities.

For additional information on any program, or to register, contact Matthew Castelluccio, Adapted Sports Coordinator at 845-786-4950, or

3/7/10 Downhill Skiing
3/21/10 Downhill Skiing
4/10/10 Adapted Sports Expo
4/26/10 Golfability
5/3/10 Golfability
5/6/10 Sailing
5/14/10 Sailing
5/17/10 Golf Outing
6/5/10 Gardening Workshop
6/7/10 Golfability
6/10/10 Handcyling @ Rockland Lake
6/14/10 Golfability
6/16/10 Softball*
6/21/10 Golf Clinic
6/26/10 Waterskiing*
6/28/10 Golf Outing
6/29/10 Handcycling @ Heritage Trail
7/8/10 Handcycling @ Heritage Trail
7/13/10 Handcycling @ Rockland Lake
7/17/10 Rowing
7/22/10 Kayaking
7/29/10 Handcycling @ Heritage Trail
8/5/10 Handcycling @ Heritage Trail
8/19/10 Kaying*
8/28/10 Rowing*
9/9/10 Handcycling @ Heritage Trail
9/13/10 Golf Outing
9/15/10 Softball
9/23/10 Handcycling @ Rockland Lake
9/25/10 Fishing
11/25/10 Turkey Trot

*Tentative, all dates are subject to change