The HHH Foundation- advancing the mission of the region

March 26, 2014

There is always something happening at the Helen Hayes Hospital Foundation! Just in this past year we funded the building of a “Smart Apartment” on the hospital campus. This amazing therapeutic and learning center is engineered with cutting edge communication technology and electronics that demonstrate the possibilities that are available for individuals of all abilities to do the simplest tasks, from opening doors, turning on lights, getting into bed or the shower, to turning on and operating a computer, and even adjusting the temperature of a room with voice, eye gaze, smart phone, or remote technology, The apartment is used to evaluate the special needs and abilities of patients from within the hospital as well as the community. Amazing, right?

The Foundation also funded the seeds of a Neuro Boot Camp with the purchase of the “Re-Walk” exoskeleton device. With the strapping on of electronic robotic type equipment to the patient’s body, along with the assistance of a trained therapist, people with spinal cord and other neurological injuries can get up from their wheelchair and walk. Over a period of time, some patients can actually experience a retraining of damaged neurological connections. Unbelievable, right?

The Foundation has just raised money through this year’s annual golf outing to purchase a “Smart Balance” virtual reality machine that will diagnose and provide therapeutic programs for people with balance issues caused by a wide array of illnesses and injuries. Imagine – you are placed in a real life situation via virtual reality and are walking onto an escalator, or shopping in a store, or even flying an airplane. Thousands of people suffer from balance issues and now we will be able to help diagnose what is causing the problem and discover how it can be treated! Only at Helen Hayes Hospital could this happen.

The Helen Hayes Hospital Foundation isn’t just about fundraising and events. Sure we have a blast at Manhattan Woods for our golf outing, or on Independence Day watching the Fireworks from our special place on the hill. And at this year’s dance event – The Masquerade Ball – our staff and guests really got into the swing of things with costumes and masks while cheering on celebrity dancers and our Roll Call wheelchair dancers. The important part of what we do is to support all of the special projects and needs of Helen Hayes Hospital staff and patients, which would otherwise not have a source of funding.
There is always something happening – visit our Facebook page and our website ( Come join the fun and participate in our events, support our fund raising efforts and PLEASE volunteer!

Marci Kurtz
Director, Helen Hayes Hospital Foundation