June 24, 2013

Under the auspices of the Recreational Therapy Department, complementary medicine services at HHH began with the introduction of yoga for individuals with disabilities and medical conditions, and has expanded to include acupuncture for patients, families, staff and community members.

In a study that took place in six clinics in five states, researcher Claire Cassidy, Ph. D., documented the beneficial results of Acupuncture:
– 76% of respondents noted that they felt better most of the time
– 58% stated they felt “more” focused
– 71% stated they missed fewer days of work
– 78.9% said they reduced the use of medications
– 70.1% of those scheduled for surgery prior to acupuncture said they were able to avoid the surgery

Acupuncture is well known for its beneficial effects of reducing stress and tension, relieving migraines and helping the body to function better. In my practice, our success rate for smoking cessation and fertility is over 80%. We enjoy helping patients experience less pain, increased energy and better athletic performance.

If you are not comfortable with needles, we can offer a substitute- called press seeds. They are little seeds on a Band-Aid, they do not penetrate the skin.

For more info, or to make an appointment at HHH, please call me at Goshen Acupuncture at 845-222-9781. I see patients/clients at HHH on Mondays. While hospital patients require a physician clearance form, other clients do not need a physician’s prescription.

“Health Vision,” Meridians, Vol. 3, No. 2, Tai Sophie Institute, Columbia, MD.

-Maryann McQuillan, NY State Licensed Acupuncturist
at Helen Hayes on Mondays, by appointment