The role of the case manager

November 26, 2013

The case managers at Helen Hayes Hospital are here to help patients and their family members from the time of admission through discharge. Every inpatient at Helen Hayes Hospital is assigned a case manager who will work closely with them throughout their stay. The case manager is the treatment team’s liaison to the patient’s family and significant others, and provides linkage to community agencies and medical insurance case managers.

The case management department aids people in understanding and utilizing prescribed medical care; develops a safe, timely, discharge plan with input from the team and patient/family; and makes appropriate referrals to community agencies for services necessary for the overall comprehensive treatment plan.

The case managers provide a wealth of information and can assist patients with Medicaid eligibility guidelines, lists of outpatient facilities, lists of subacute rehab facilities, and lists of home care agencies for both medical and non-medical services. The goal is to ease the transition from the hospital to home and make arrangements for the care the patient will need once they arrive home.

So, no matter what your needs or questions are, the case management department at Helen Hayes Hospital is here to assist you.

-Beth Merritt, LCSW
Director, Case Management