7 Stretches to Decrease Pain & Increase Mobility at Work or at Home

April 27, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic had caused a lot of people to work from home. Many of us at home or in the office also do clerical work, which requires us to be seated most of, if not all of, the day. Over time, these requirements can lead to some long-term effects that can compromise us physically. For example, we can compromise our posture, develop neck and back pain, gain excess weight, experience muscle tightness, and more.

While exercise is an important necessity to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are several movements we can do while at work to help offset some of these ailments. One movement is just that: Move! You can get up and take a walk when time permits or just move around your office area (ex. walk in place.) This will help create good blood circulation and keep those joints mobile while burning of some of those hard-to-lose calories.

Another important thing we can do is to stretch. This will help to release muscle tightness and fatigue and increase mobility and posture. The stretches may vary based on your ability and range of motion, but the more you do them, the more these things will improve.

There are a variety of upper and lower body stretches we can do. Hold them for 10 seconds and up to one minute, depending on the stretch and your tolerance. The following video highlights a few stretches that can be done while at your desk or in your office to help get through you day. Always remember that form is important.

In this video:

  1. Shoulder stretch
  2. Child’s pose
  3. Chest/bicep stretch
  4. Piriformis stretch
  5. Hamstring stretch
  6. Quads stretch
  7. Calves stretch

-Milford Edwards, Helen Hayes Hospital Personal Trainer and Adaptive Equipment Specialist