The WalkAide System: Treatment for Foot Drop

June 4, 2013

The Prosthetic Orthotic Center at Helen Hayes Hospital is a certified center to provide the WalkAide system. The WalkAide system simulates the typical nerve-to-muscle signals in the leg and foot, causing the foot to lift at the appropriate time in the walking cycle. The system sends electrical signals to your common peroneal nerve, which controls the ankle dorsiflexors.
This current Myo-Orthotics technology represents the merging of orthotic technology, which braces a limb, with electrical stimulation, which restores specific muscle function. In fact, devices using this technology actually restore the functionality of an impaired limb by recreating a natural nerve-to-muscle response using electrical stimulation.
The WalkAide system assesses patient movement through an on-board tilt accelerometer (speed) and inclinometer (angles). The system senses the angle and velocity of the tibia’s motion to trigger the customized stimulation pattern for dorsiflexion at the appropriate time in the walking cycle, promoting normal gait. The WalkAide system was engineered to allow patients to ambulate without a heel sensor, thus allowing patients to choose a variety of footwear and variable heel heights without affecting device function. ?
For additional information on the WalkAide system please contact the Prosthetic Orthotic Center at Helen Hayes Hospital (845) 786-4122 or email
David F. Moretto, CP, FAAOP
Director Prosthetic Orthotic Center