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Subacute Rehabilitation

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A Personal Approach to Care

The Subacute Rehabilitation program at Helen Hayes Hospital in New York offers an expanded level of service to patients in need of short-term rehabilitation care before returning home. The flexibility of the program in caring for patients at different stages of the rehabilitation process makes it an ideal option for individuals either beginning or continuing their rehabilitation treatment.


Subacute rehabilitation is well suited for individuals who may not be medically able to participate in full-day, intensive therapy, such as those with orthopedic injuries, who are not yet weight-bearing. These individuals may be functioning at a relatively high level, but require training to master certain tasks, such as stair climbing, before returning home.

Subacute rehabilitation is also appropriate for those recovering from hip or knee surgery, fractures and other orthopedic conditions. Generally, individuals in need of short-term rehabilitation, who are medically stable, motivated to participate and who show reasonable potential to achieve their rehabilitation goals within a relatively short time are candidates for the subacute program. Patients typically are admitted directly from an acute care hospital once their condition has stabilized.

Customized Treatment Plan and Goals

Following a thorough evaluation by a team of physicians, nurses and therapists, a treatment plan will be customized to meet a patient’s needs and goals. Most individuals require a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/swallowing therapy and skilled nursing care. Recreation therapy professionals incorporate a wide selection of leisure activities into the treatment plan, providing an integral link to resuming life in the community.

The treatment team is committed to restoring maximum functioning in the shortest period of time. Treatment goals may include:

  • Walking
  • Climbing stairs independently
  • Managing daily routines, such as bathing and dressing
  • Transfer techniques, such as getting in and out of bed
  • Regaining strength and endurance

The Helen Hayes Hospital Subacute Rehabilitation Program is JCAHO and CARF Accredited.

Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Scope of Services

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