Ensuring a Seamless Continuum of Rehabilitation Care

January 26, 2015

Meeting the needs of patients and their referring clinicians

Just recently, we announced the appointment of Mindy Tallis, RN, BSN to the position of Director of Utilization Management at Helen Hayes Hospital. A dedicated member of the HHH staff for over 20 years, Mindy’s new role will have her overseeing the hospital’s Admissions and Case Management Departments, ensuring an excellent, patient-centric continuum of care is in place for all of our patients from admission, to discharge, and beyond.

Mindy’s multi-faceted career at HHH has made her uniquely qualified to serve in this crucial role. She joined the hospital nursing staff in 192 as a nurse on the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service and went on to serve as Nurse Manager of the Stroke Rehabilitation Service. Mindy has first-hand clinical experience of the healing power of the patient-guided rehabilitative care offered at the Hospital. Every patient who enters the doors of HHH has a rehabilitation program crafted for them by an interdisciplinary team consisting of board certified physicians, rehabilitation nurses, therapists and other professionals. Mindy’s grasp of how powerful these teams are, and the huge difference they can make in a patients progress and outcome, will serve her well in her new position.

In Mindy’s most recent role as the Clinical Liaison serving patients and families, case managers and discharge planners, referring physicians and hospitals in Bergen County, NJ region, she also became well-versed in how HHH serves the patients and referral sources beyond our own Hospital walls. Our Clinical Liaisons actively assist physicians, case managers, social workers and discharge planners who are charged with helping their patients access the most appropriate level of care that will be beneficial in making the best possible recovery.

In Mindy’s new role as Director of Utilization Management, she will continue to serve patients and referring clinicians seeking admission to HHH and will be readily available to anyone who needs information about our Hospital’s programs or services. She is also available to patients and family members who would like to tour our facility so they can make the best decision on how to best meet their rehabilitation needs. Often, when people come for a tour, we find that they are overwhelmingly and positively impressed with the range of equipment here at HHH, the highly skilled staff and the attractive and comfortable environment.

Mindy is also now in charge of our Case Management Department, which is responsible for discharging patients and making sure that they have the smoothest transition home following rehabilitation at the Hospital. In this role, she works collaboratively with Beth Merritt, Director of Case Management. This department works very closely with patients and their families to prepare a patient’s living space to suit his/her needs. They also help to coordinate outpatient therapy and follow-up home care or other appointments. Case Management is critical to the outstanding continuum of care we strive to provide at HHH, as it is the Hospital’s goal for patients to return home following rehabilitation, so they can go back to work, school and other activities.

Please join me again in welcoming Mindy Tallis as the new Director of Utilization Management at HHH. Mindy, together with our hospital’s dedicated staff, works tirelessly inside and outside of the Hospital walls to ensure that rehab patients receive the high-quality care that has become synonymous with the name “Helen Hayes Hospital.” Feel free to reach Mindy at 845-786-4535.

-Edmund J. Coletti
Chief Executive Officer