Our New Year’s Resolution: sharing our expertise

January 10, 2013

Like just about everyone else, we are starting off the New Year with a few hospital-wide resolutions. And like just about all resolutions- they are designed to enhance our overall well-being. However, they also have an important underlying goal: to share our experience, expertise and knowledge with all of you- our patients, individuals living with physical disabilities, their family members and caregivers, and healthcare professionals and others in the rehabilitation medicine community.

In 2013, we’ll be utilizing social media to be in touch. We’re embarking on a campaign to use our web site, along with Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other vehicles, to enhance communication and engage our staff and our community in a mutually beneficial sharing of information.

Many of our physicians, nurses, therapists, researchers and other staff members are on board. They will contribute to ensuring that we are successful in keeping our new resolution. We certainly hope you’ll tune in and that the resulting dialogue will be informative, helpful and useful to us all. Our blogs, tweets and posts will cover an array of topics, from the latest treatment modalities to info on special events and opportunities to participate in research.

New Years resolutions are notorious for being broken or relegated to the back burner. But here at HHH, we are committed to making this one a success. We look forward to tapping into the wealth of rehab expertise at our hospital and making it available to the world. We hope you’ll let us know how we are doing and thereby help us stick to our goals.

Here’s to a healthy New Year for us all!

-Mary M. Creagh
Director Public Relations