GolfAbility 2014

July 22, 2014

A great season to learn to play golf!

The 2014 GolfAbility season wrapped up on Monday, June 30 with the traditional weenie roast and pitch/putt competition. The grand prize was a Calloway Golf Bag donated by our LPGA pro, Joyce Fried. The annual competition is held at the conclusion of the 8th lesson. GolfAbility is a terrific program that teaches the game of golf to individuals who may have a disability.

This year, ten new and three returning golfers received a total of 51 lessons across seven two-hour group sessions. They also enjoyed the June Golf Outing. Each participant improved her game by improving both basic and advanced skills. All participants are now course ready using adapted equipment for mobility. Some us the Golf Express cart and others use grip equipment such as Lend-a Hand and Grip-Rite devices.

Each reported their intention to continue practicing at home and at the golf range and some intend to get out to the course on their own to golf with friends again. Their enthusiasm was palpable and it was another highly successful season. If you or anyone you know would benefit from adapted golf lessons, please contact Matt Castelluccio, Adapted Sports and Recreation Coordinator at 845-786-4950.

– Eileen Andreassi, MA, CTRS
Director, Therapeutic Recreation