HHH Expands Recreational Therapy Services for Inpatients

March 24, 2020

As Helen Hayes Hospital continues in its efforts to keep our inpatients physically and emotionally healthy during this unprecedented time, our Therapeutic Recreation Department has expanded and modified it services to best serve their needs. These services include a variety of recreational activities and also helping our patients stay in touch with their friends and families through electronic methods such as Facetime.

Recreational Therapy employs recreational activities to improve the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social health of individuals with disabling conditions or illnesses. These activities aim to reduce stress and anxiety, build confidence, and increase socialization, as well as improve motor skills and reasoning abilities.

Our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRSs) are working closely with our patients to identify their leisure interests and help them find ways to actively participate via methods that are enjoyable and safe. Current additions and modifications to our Therapeutic Recreation program for inpatients include:

  • Evening programs have been expanded to 4 days/wk.
  • Weekend programs will continue, with patients being seen individually.
  • Patients will be approached daily by Recreational Therapy staff to encourage participation in leisure activities.
  • A menu list of activities will be issued to each patient so that they can choose the activities they prefer.
  • Each patient will receive a small packet of activities including crossword puzzles and other word games, adult coloring pages, and colored pencils to help occupy their free time. Playing cards will also be made available for patients.
  • Staff will work with patients who may want to Facetime with family and friends.
  • The hospital is developing a number of videos that will allow patients to participate in guided meditation and bingo activities through their in-room televisions.

The hospital will continue to explore ways to modify and expand our services in accordance to patient need. Thank you to our dedicated Therapeutic Recreation staff for providing these invaluable services and thank you all for your continued cooperation.

We send you our best wishes for continued health and safety. Be well!