HHH Rehab Blog

May 18, 2011

Welcome to this first posting on Helen Hayes Hospital’s new blog – the Physical Rehab Blog. We’ve developed it as an extension of our web site and as a way to reach out to individuals with physical disabilities, prospective patients and their families and friends, our local community and the medical rehabilitation community, as well. Through this blog, our goal is to keep you up to date on what’s happening here at Helen Hayes Hospital, on advances in rehabilitation medicine and on other topics that we think you’ll find interesting and informative.

Readers will find here information posted by a variety of staff members at our physical rehabilitation hospital – from physicians and rehab nurses to physical, occupational and speech therapists. They are all experts in their field and they are anxious to share with you information that may speed your recovery or be useful to someone you know. We’ll be posting here on a very regular basis so that you’ll be able to find out about events that you may want to attend and technologies, therapies and treatments that you may wish to take advantage of or learn more about.

The progress our patients make, and their remarkable recoveries, never cease to amaze and inspire us. We are also in awe of the tremendous outpouring of love and support that patients receive from their families, friends and communities. It’s truly an honor for us, as rehabilitation professionals, to not only witness the rehab process, but also to be active participants in helping our patients rebuild their lives and move on.

We hope to share some of what we’ve learned about what works. We also hope you’ll share your experiences with us. At Helen Hayes Hospital, hope has always had a home, and now on the web, rehab has a blog. So visit often and keep in touch.

Val S. Gray
Chief Executive Officer
Helen Hayes Hospital