SubAcute Rehabilitation: An alternative to Intense Rehab

July 6, 2015

The SubAcute Rehabilitation unit at Helen HayesHospital offers an array of services to patients in need of short- term rehabilitation care before returning home. It offers a less intense level of rehabilitation care, developed to meet a broad range of patient needs.

The hospital’s SubAcute unit is well suited for individuals who may not be medically able to participate in full-day therapy or for those who are not yet weight-bearing. It is also recommended for those who have progressed well in acute rehabilitation and have met most of their rehabilitation goals. These individuals may be functioning at a high level, but require additional training to master certain tasks before returning home.

SubAcute rehabilitation is ideally suited for individuals recovering from knee or hip surgery, stroke, or amputation or for those who may be medically-deconditioned or who have had a prolonged hospitalization.

In general, individuals in need of short-term rehabilitation, who are medically stable, motivated to participate in therapies and who show reasonable potential to achieve their rehabilitation goals are candidates for the SubAcute program offered at Helen Hayes Hospital. The SubAcute program enables these patients to return home to live independently, with or without support services.

Christine Madormo, RN, BSN
Nurse Manager, Subacute Rehabilitation Service