Helen Hayes Hospital Expands Outpatient Therapy Services & Hours

May 17, 2017

West Haverstraw, NY – One of the nation’s leading specialty rehabilitation hospitals, Helen Hayes Hospital is home to the Hudson’s Valley’s largest and most comprehensive outpatient physical rehabilitation center. The hospital’s Outpatient Neurological and Outpatient Orthopedic Rehabilitation Centers now give patients access to their own customized, multi-disciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals, cutting edge evidence-based therapy modalities, as well as new state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and expanded hours of operation. The services treat adults and children from throughout the Hudson Valley who are recovering from a wide variety of acute and chronic neurological and orthopedic conditions.

The Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Center at Helen Hayes Hospital provides therapy to patients with conditions such as traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, amputation, Parkinson’s Disease, cerebral palsy and more. Services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology. The Center also offers a dedicated pediatric rehabilitation department with access to both an indoor sensory gym and outdoor adapted playground for younger patients.

State-of-the-art rehabilitation technology available at the Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Center includes the AlterG Antigravity Treadmill, the ReWalk Exoskeleton and virtual reality therapy using the Bertec Balance Master. The Center also boasts the only comprehensive Parkinson’s Disease Therapy Program in the area to offer both LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD, as well as Parkinson Wellness Recovery™ (PWR!), three innovative, disease-specific programs focused on slowing the progression of the disease and restoring motor function and quality of life.

The Outpatient Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center treats patients who have had surgeries, joint replacements, sports injuries, trauma and fractures, back and neck injuries, osteoporosis, arthritis, other orthopedic conditions. Physical and occupational therapy is provided by a highly-specialized team of therapists holding a wide variety of specialty certifications in the fields of manual therapy, hand therapy, sports & conditioning, aquatic therapy, lymphedema therapy, geriatric therapy and more. Patients also have access to high-tech Low Level Laser Therapy, the AlterG Antigravity Treadmill, aquatic therapy in the hospital’s heated accessible pool, custom splints and orthotics made on-site, and much more.

Helen Hayes Hospital’s Outpatient Therapy departments offer both early morning through evening appointments. To make an appointment for therapy, please call 845-786-4194.

The Helen Hayes Hospital Outpatient Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center is a Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network Participating Location. The Hospital is a member of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System.