Rehab Post Joint Replacement

February 6, 2015

Intense Inpatient Rehab Offers Patients Maximal Gains

Helen Hayes Hospital’s state of the art and highly acclaimed orthopedic rehabilitation unit offers an innovative and intensive therapy program, specially designed for patients who have recently had hip or knee replacement surgery. Our team strongly encourages patients to actively participate in all aspects of their physical and occupational therapies, thereby improving outcomes and the patient’s ability to quickly return to their pre-surgical productive and normal lifestyle.

Patients have been amazed as to what they can do after just one week of therapy. Each patient receives an individualized treatment regiment designed to meet their needs. Rehabilitation consists of both one-to-one and group therapy treatments.

Pain management is a key component that greatly enhances participation in therapy and improves patient outcomes. Pain assessments are continuously monitored and evaluated so that pain management is optimally achieved. To accomplish this, we utilize a variety of modalities. This enables patients to focus on their therapies, getting the most out of them and helping them successfully achieve their rehab goals. We understand that there is a high motivation to participate in all therapies when pain is well under control.

Patient progress is ongoing with discussions and meetings by the interdisciplinary treatment team to ensure that patients continue to work towards achieving their therapeutic goals, and to prevent or minimize any issues that could impede a patient’s progress and satisfaction. Patients are continuously monitored and supervised closely throughout their stay, ensuring that quality care and standards of excellence are always maintained.

It’s always gratifying to hear feedback from our orthopedic patients. Following are just a few of the comments we have received on our unit’s Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

“HHH is a class act.”
“The work is hard, but I was able to quickly progress and got discharged after six days.”
“I never thought I would enjoy physical therapy so much.”
“The therapists and team were extremely supportive and encouraging.”
“There are top notch nurses in every respect – very caring and supportive.”
“Quality of care was excellent.”
“Recommended as Nurses of the Year!”
“HHH’s reputation is well earned.”

One of the key factors that make the Helen Hayes Hospital Orthopedic Rehab program so unique is that patients are encouraged to be active participants in all aspects of their physical and occupational therapies. This ultimately leads to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. The contribution of outstanding care and functional improvements contribute to the steady progress designed to restore functional capabilities.

– Madelyn Nestor, RN, BSN, CRRN
Nurse Manager, Orthopedic Rehabilitation Service