Stand Tall to Osteoporosis! World Osteoporosis Day is 10/20

October 20, 2020

A photo of a woman walking outdoors

The New York State Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program at HHH is committed to spreading awareness on prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis. To mark World Osteoporosis Day onOctober 20, 2020, we share the following info to help everyone stand tall to Osteoporosis!

Thinning of bones or Osteoporosis is a silent disease and most people do not even know they have it until they have a fracture. Find out if you are at risk by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have a family history of Osteoporosis?
  2. Are you a woman over 60 or a man over 70?
  3. Have you had a fracture after 50?
  4. Have you lost more than 1.5inches in height?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, talk to your healthcare provider about getting a Bone Mineral Density Test. This is a simple, quick and an easily available test, which helps to determine the status of your bone-health.

Bone Health: Appropriate nutrition and exercise are the key to good bone health. It is necessary that your consumption of calcium and vitamin D equals the daily requirement. Based on your bone density results, your health care provider will determine if you need medication. You can visit for complete information on appropriate nutrition, exercise and medications to prevent and treat Osteoporosis.

Spinal Fractures: Vertebral fractures can be painful. There are a number of advanced options for pain management and possible surgical procedures t
o relieve pain. An appropriate exercise program, designed by your physical therapist, can also help in pain relief and improving your overall function.

The Bone Center at Helen Hayes Hospital is committed towards prevention and treatment of Osteoporosis and uses an interdisciplinary approach to help patients. Helen Hayes Hospital also serves as a designated center for New York State Osteoporosis Prevention & Education Program. To learn more, please visit